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  • How Food Affects Mood
    The lifestyles and habits that we maintain have a direct affect on how we feel. Taking walks, doing yoga, exercising, drinking water, eating a nutritionally dense meal and getting enough rest are all examples of behaviors that are thought to improve health under normal circumstances. However, some activities […]
  • What Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory?
    Inflammation has many different causes across the body. Inflammation is the body’s immune response to infections, injuries, diseases and disorders which generally helps the body heal itself. Sometimes inflammation occurs when its not suppose to, or it may occur in excess, or persist longer than it needs to. […]
  • Berlin Universities’ Canteens Remove Meat For Climate Change
    Beginning this October, 2021, cafeterias at 20 Berlin universities will make their menus 68% vegan, 48% vegetarian, and 4% meat and fish. Mondays will be completely meat except, meaning that there will be no meat options available in the canteens on those days. Berlin, Germany’s capital, typically serves university students meat dishes in canteens and […]

Vegan Lifestyle Advice

The vegan lifestyle effectively abstains from animal product use and is conducive to reducing adverse environmental impact made by the use animals in agriculture. Animal agriculture, or factory farming is water intensive, consumes an increasing amount of farmland-which often means clearing native vegetation, and is a primary source greenhouse gas emissions, particularly methane.

We hope to demonstrate that vegan diets are nutritionally adequate and that dietary animal products are associated with various types of health risks.

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This Translational Psychiatry study suggests that plant based foods ward off inflammation and aid in various metabolic processes…

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