Are Climate Change and Plastic Pollution Related?

Plastic pollution and climate change are the most influential stressors to marine environments globally. These stressors are simultaneously occurring and interactive. Marine plastic pollution is made up of the plastic products that have accumulated in the world’s seas. From production to end-of-life, plastic materials release potent greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) andContinue reading “Are Climate Change and Plastic Pollution Related?”

Can Plastic Pollution Cause Climate Change?

An interesting review titled “The Fundamental Links Between Climate Change and Marine Plastic Pollution” describes the interactive relationship between climate change and marine plastic pollution. The review’s authors claim that climate change and marine plastic pollution are linked in three ways: a) the production of plastic relies on fossil fuel extraction and is thus greenhouseContinue reading “Can Plastic Pollution Cause Climate Change?”

Recycled Polyester Is A Sustainable Clothing Alternative

Recycled polyester is an alternative clothing material for consumers who are eco-minded and or concerned with sustainability. Recycled polyester is a type of polymer that is produced from ethylene glycol – plastic. Typically recycled polyester is made from plastic water bottles and other common plastic containers that are melted down and reshaped into a fabric.Continue reading “Recycled Polyester Is A Sustainable Clothing Alternative”