What Is Vegan Leather Made Out Of?

There’s no denying that leather occupies an exceptional place in fashion. So a nice-looking pair of vegan leather pants or bag is a must for anyone looking to make their closet cruelty-free and more sustainable. This way, you can be confident in what you decide to wear and guilt free about your purchase. Vegan LeatherContinue reading “What Is Vegan Leather Made Out Of?”

Vegandale In Chicago, IL

Vegandale is a food festival in Chicago, Illinois. Hundreds of people gather downtown every summer to celebrate animal welfare and sustainability. Approved Vegandale vendors are allowed to sale cruelty-free products, such as soaps, fashion, foods and drinks. The Chicago event is essentially an outdoor party that brings people from across the country together. Vegandale‚Äôs culturalContinue reading “Vegandale In Chicago, IL”

Vegan Leather

Nowadays, vegan leather is popularized among young shoppers. The increase in demand for faux leather is partly due to eco-friendly consumers. Vegan leather is made with synthetics like plastic materials that imitate animal skin. The most common synthetic leather is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). Vegan leather is better for the environment, but it’sContinue reading “Vegan Leather”

Is Seitan Healthy For Weight Loss?

Plant-based diets are more than just a strategy for promoting sustainable agriculture, they can also improve weight loss efforts and reduce heart disease risks. Plant proteins like seitan are generally lower in fats and carbohydrates compared to animal proteins, so seitan is an ideal ingredient for protein meals while dieting for weight loss. Carbohydrates areContinue reading “Is Seitan Healthy For Weight Loss?”

Why Is Seitan Healthy? | Benefits of Vital Wheat Gluten

Seitan is a protein source that has been growing in popularity in recent years. Seitan, like tempeh and soy, is considered a protein alternative for individuals who are looking to limit their consumption of animal meats. Others, like vegans and vegetarians abstain from eating animal flesh altogether, and therefore require plant-based foods that have denseContinue reading “Why Is Seitan Healthy? | Benefits of Vital Wheat Gluten”

Is Seitan Healthy?

Seitan, pronounced say-tan, is a stringy type of gluten that is made of wheat. Seitan is popular among vegans and vegetarians because of its remarkably high protein content. Seitan is almost completely made of vital wheat gluten. On top of that, seitan is easy to prepare and can be made from simple ingredients. Although itsContinue reading “Is Seitan Healthy?”

Here’s Why Epicurious Left Beef Recipes Behind

This year, the food company Epicurious decided that it would not add anymore beef recipes to its “recipe’s list”. The company stated that it will no longer feature recipes that include beef on its homepage or social media feed. Epicurious made it obvious that they were leaving beef behind for climate change, and posted thatContinue reading “Here’s Why Epicurious Left Beef Recipes Behind”

How Food Affects Mood

The lifestyles and habits that we maintain have a direct affect on how we feel. Taking walks, doing yoga, exercising, drinking water, eating a nutritionally dense meal and getting enough rest are all examples of behaviors that are thought to improve health under normal circumstances. However, some activities can have benefits that extend to ourContinue reading “How Food Affects Mood”

What Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory?

Inflammation has many different causes across the body. Inflammation is the body’s immune response to infections, injuries, diseases and disorders which generally helps the body heal itself. Sometimes inflammation occurs when its not suppose to, or it may occur in excess, or persist longer than it needs to. In these cases, inflammation can be theContinue reading “What Foods Are Anti-Inflammatory?”

Cowspiracy Summary: Wildlife Facts

The Cowspiracy film draws a cogent connection between animal agriculture and our climate change crisis. The film uses evidence-based research to support its claims about human activity across sectors, including how much land is being used and how humanity interacts with Earth’s animal populations and plant populations. Cowspiracy’s references can be found on its officialContinue reading “Cowspiracy Summary: Wildlife Facts”