Cloquet Students Take On Climate Change

Students of Cloquet and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources decided to improve the Cloquet campus forest area. Cloquet students have been studying the school’s forest while researching how climate change can influence the health of the plant species in the region. The students of Cloquet have planted about 500 trees collectively. Students geotagged (aContinue reading “Cloquet Students Take On Climate Change”

Will the Amazon Rainforest Become A Carbon Source?

Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas that cycles through Earth’s sediments, water, soils, plants, animals, air and microscopic organisms. Carbon dioxide has the ability to absorb infrared radiation and re-emit that energy back into the air as heat, some of which remains trapped in Earth’s atmosphere. In short, carbon dioxide magnifies the planet’s greenhouseContinue reading “Will the Amazon Rainforest Become A Carbon Source?”

Epicurious Removes Beef Recipes

Epicurious is a website that provides recipes for breakfast, lunch, quick dishes, deserts, drinks and more. Epicurious’ visitors are able to browse their recipe categories and discover a plethora of different foods that they can prepare for themselves. The recipe categories listed on the company site will no longer include beef moving forward and they’veContinue reading “Epicurious Removes Beef Recipes”

Biden’s Remarks During Virtual Leaders Summit

President Biden begins the Virtual Leaders Summit opening session by stating that the Summit meetings are about more than preserving our planet and that they were also about providing a better future for everyone. However, the fight against a changing climate will require progress on both those fronts. Nature-based solutions are readily available and relativelyContinue reading “Biden’s Remarks During Virtual Leaders Summit”

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) Announces Environmental Impact

The Carbon Disclosure (CPD) is a global system that announces the carbon and environmental impact produced by various communities of people and corporate entities. The CPD aims to combat climate change through accurate and comprehensive reports about environmental impact. Environmental impact is measured in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, water use and forest data surveys.Continue reading “The Carbon Disclosure Project (CPD) Announces Environmental Impact”

How Indigo Farming Helps Farmers

Transporting grains and produce can be complex and troublesome for farmers. Indigo Agriculture, the company spearheading advances in improved farming techniques and microbe technology for plant seeds, has plans to make shipping and receiving simpler and less time consuming for both farmers and carriers. Indigo Transport and Marketplace Indigo Transport is what Indigo Agriculture isContinue reading “How Indigo Farming Helps Farmers”

Recycled Polyester Is A Sustainable Clothing Alternative

Recycled polyester is an alternative clothing material for consumers who are eco-minded and or concerned with sustainability. Recycled polyester is a type of polymer that is produced from ethylene glycol – plastic. Typically recycled polyester is made from plastic water bottles and other common plastic containers that are melted down and reshaped into a fabric.Continue reading “Recycled Polyester Is A Sustainable Clothing Alternative”