What Are the 5 Effects of Climate Change?

Human influence on Earth’s climate systems is now an established fact corroborated by observational records and climate models. The term “climate change” broadly refers to the long-term shifts in weather patterns that have been measured since the pre-industrial era. In essence, there are five symptoms associated with climate change: 1) warming surface temperatures, 2) risingContinue reading “What Are the 5 Effects of Climate Change?”

How Is Plastic Affecting the Arctic?

A new review article, “Plastic Pollution in the Arctic“, contends that high levels of plastic pollution (including microplastics) have infiltrated the Arctic and intensified climate change’s effects. Plastics from agriculture, hydrocarbon exploration, landfills, illegal dumping, industry, households, fisheries, offshore industry and other such sources are routinely carried to and within the Arctic by atmospheric andContinue reading “How Is Plastic Affecting the Arctic?”

Are Climate Change and Plastic Pollution Related?

Plastic pollution and climate change are the most influential stressors to marine environments globally. These stressors are simultaneously occurring and interactive. Marine plastic pollution is made up of the plastic products that have accumulated in the world’s seas. From production to end-of-life, plastic materials release potent greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) andContinue reading “Are Climate Change and Plastic Pollution Related?”

The Environmental Impact of GMOs

An article made available in Science Direct, 2022, unpacks the potential benefits that genetically modified crops have for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Authors of the document, Emma Kovak, DanBlaustein-Rejto, Matin Qaim, claim that “genetically modified (GM) crops can help reduce agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In addition to possible decreases in production emissions, GM yield gains alsoContinue reading “The Environmental Impact of GMOs”

Can Plastic Pollution Cause Climate Change?

An interesting review titled “The Fundamental Links Between Climate Change and Marine Plastic Pollution” describes the interactive relationship between climate change and marine plastic pollution. The review’s authors claim that climate change and marine plastic pollution are linked in three ways: a) the production of plastic relies on fossil fuel extraction and is thus greenhouseContinue reading “Can Plastic Pollution Cause Climate Change?”

How Has Climate Change Affected Yellowstone Amphibians?

A new study authored, published in the science journal Ecology Indicators, highlights how environmental changes in Yellowstone National Park are leading to habitat loss for some amphibian species. As environments continue to heat up and dry out, certain amphibians that move across Yellowstone will likely experience increasing loss of habitable zones. Authors of the studyContinue reading “How Has Climate Change Affected Yellowstone Amphibians?”

What Are Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change?

Freshwater systems provide usable water for technological development, agriculture and human consumption, while also serving as habitats for various aquatic species. Therefore, freshwater systems are of crucial economic and ecological value. A 2021 study titled, ” “The Importance of Indirect Effects of Climate Change Adaptations On Alpine and Pre-Alpine Freshwater Systems” asserts that human-made transformationsContinue reading “What Are Direct and Indirect Effects of Climate Change?”

Increasing Heat-Stress Inequality in a Warming Climate

Observed heatwave trends have been on the rise in the last four decades according to a research article published in January, 2022. The study titled, “Increasing Heat-Stress Inequality In A Warming Climate”, projects further intensification of extreme heat events in the future. Excess heat events like heatwaves are a symptom of increasing temperature averages acrossContinue reading “Increasing Heat-Stress Inequality in a Warming Climate”

Climate Change Impacts on Seabirds and Marine Mammals

A new review published in Ecology Letters, a peer-reviewed scientific journal, assessed seabird and marine mammals’ responses to climate change and climate variability. Researchers based their analysis on data from more than 480 preexisting studies and found that “the likelihood of concluding that climate change had an impact increased with study duration”. In other words,Continue reading “Climate Change Impacts on Seabirds and Marine Mammals”

What Is Causing Ocean Warming?

If you want to measure the rate at which global temperatures are rising, then the world’s oceans may be the best places to observe. This is not only due to the fact that Earth’s surface is more than 70% water-covered, but also because ocean water absorbs 90% or more of Earth’s excess heat. Heat energyContinue reading “What Is Causing Ocean Warming?”