What Is Vegan Leather Made Out Of?

There’s no denying that leather occupies an exceptional place in fashion. So a nice-looking pair of vegan leather pants or bag is a must for anyone looking to make their closet cruelty-free and more sustainable. This way, you can be confident in what you decide to wear and guilt free about your purchase.

Vegan Leather Fabric

Vegan leather fabrics are essentially imitation leather. The benefit of choosing faux leather is that its generally less costly to manufacture, which means its retail value is more affordable. On top of that, faux leather is 100% vegan. Vegan fabrics do not contain animal products or products tested on animals. The ethical concerns surrounding fast fashion have caused brands like Burberry, Gucci, Versace and Prada to ban fur in recent years.

The Truth About Vegan Leather

Vegan leather should not necessarily be thought of as an eco-friendly alternative to real leather. Most vegan and faux leathers are made of synthetic polymers, which are derived from nonrenewable petrochemicals, i.e. crude oil and natural gases. At each phase of plastic’s lifecycle, from fossil fuel extraction and refining, to manufacturing and use, and even end-of-life (incineration, recycling) greenhouse gases are generated because of these petrochemical ingredients.

According to a study titled “Microfiber Release from Different Fabrics During Washing“, leathers made of synthetic plastics shed pollutants during wash and dry cycles. When plastic fabrics are exposed to physical stress, they release microfibers and greenhouse gases into the air and water.

Plant-Based Leather

The good news is that all vegan leathers are not made equal. Plant-based leathers are more environmentally friendly than conventional plastic leathers, and they’re vegan! Plant-based leathers are made from repurposed plant material and agriculture wastes. If you’re interested in sustainable vegan leather, then make sure that the fabric you buy is manufactured from organic, renewable sources rather than synthetic plastics.

What Is Vegan Leather Made From?

Vegan leather is often made from polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride. Polyurethane, sometimes abbreviated as PU, is a type of organic polymer composed of urethane (rubber) links. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most commonly produced synthetic plastic polymers, and its made of polymerized vinyl chloride. Both PVC and PU leather are made to mimic the look and feel of real animal skin, although their properties are quite different. Vegan leather is thinner and more lightweight than conventional leather and vegan leather will not peel or crack over time, as it does not need to be moisturized like animal skins do.

Vegan Leather for Sale

If you’re interested in vegan leather products, consider shopping at Nordstrom, Target, Free People or Urban Outfitters. When buying your faux leather, be sure to read the product label to find out what its made of. Finding a vegan product is not the same as finding a plant-based product; vegan fabrics will not necessarily contain any animal-derived materials, but may contain synthetic plastics. For more sustainable fashion, be sure that your purchases are made from renewable sources such as food waste, various crops, vegetable extracts and or wood.

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