Indigo Agriculture & Corteva Pay US Farmers In Carbon Credit Program

Indigo Agriculture, a Massachusetts-based agricultural technology corporation has teamed up with Corteva Incorporated, a seed and chemical company on a production contract project for farmers- Carbon by Indigo. Carbon by Indigo is a program which makes registry-issued agricultural carbon credits. Carbon credit registries track how emitters are performing in efforts to reduce their carbon emissions; which is usually done by using biogas or reforestation to absorb carbon, thereby indirectly reversing the greenhouse gases that the company is responsible for producing.

First Carbon Farming Program

The 267 paid growers participating in the Carbon by Indigo program are responsible for providing data about their growing progress and crop production. The vegetation grown by the Carbon by Indigo participants soaks up carbon, enabling organizations to buy that absorbed carbon in the form of carbon credits. This program has created a new opportunity for farmers to make money through carbon credit sales. This is the first time farmers have been able to receive direct payments which are proportional to their grow-outcomes.

Indigo agriculture & corteva agriscience incorporated logos

Market In Development

The purchase of carbon credits will surely go on to be implemented by organizations -both private and governmental- to achieve carbon neutrality or reduce their carbon footprint in the coming years. Starting in the crop year 2022, farmers in Michigan, New York, Alabama, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Virginia will be able to farm carbon via this ingenious new system devised by Indigo Agriculture. Indigo Agriculture announced that it will expand the qualifications for farmers in 28 more states soon. The company believes that nearly 80% of farm acreage in the United States is viable for high quality carbon farming.

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