B12 is a vitamin, also known as cobalamin, which is involved in cellular metabolism. According to Oregon State University, vitamin B12 is the most complex chemical structure of all the vitamins conventionally present in human bodies. Harvard’s T.H Chan’s School of Public Health states that B12 is required for red blood cell production and the synthesis of DNA molecules in the human body. On a cellular level, cobalamin encourages nerve and tissue functionality- and therefore is an imperative element to supplement in human diets.

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What Foods Contain B12?

Its common knowledge that animal products contain B12. People who consume generous amounts of beef or milk receive their B12 from those sources. Some animals, especially those in factory farming settings are receive cobalamin through their foods- as they are exposed to sources of the B12 vitamin, their cobalamin levels increase. Humans then, absorb B12 from the animal products that they ingest.

For those who do not eat animal products, all hope is not lost. another way to get B12 involves supplementing cobalamin. Cobalamin supplements are usually quite easy to find and can be absorb into the body in a few different ways. B12 supplements can come in the form of dietary tablets, injections, or are infused in meal powders. Alternatively, one can get go to plant based sources for B12 needs. Plant based sources of cobalamin include almonds, fortified nutritional yeast, soy, oats, fortified cereals, tempeh- the list goes on. B12 that comes from plant based sources may be preferential because they do not contain any of the unhealthy agents associated with animal products.

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