President Biden begins the Virtual Leaders Summit opening session by stating that the Summit meetings are about more than preserving our planet and that they were also about providing a better future for everyone. In my opinion, this was a rather important distinction to make, it demonstrates the the commander in chief understands the distinction between general environmental efforts and those that specifically have humanity’s interests in mind. The line between environmentalism and humanitarianism must be drawn. The fight for climate is ultimately aimed pursuing safety for humanity now and for generations to come.

Biden’s Remarks On Limiting Temperature Rise

The President then lies out the agenda: “We must try to keep the Earth’s temperature and — to an increase of — to 1.5 degrees Celsius“. The goal, according The Paris Climate Agreement and other similar goal strategies, is to limit international emissions to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial average temperatures. Limiting mean temperature increase to 1.5 degrees above that of preindustrial levels could reduce the chances weather related risks such as drought and intense precipitation and makes more feasible.

Eventually, Biden makes it clear that the economic imperative for every country involved is to “create good-paying jobs, advance innovative technologies, and help vulnerable countries adapt to climate impacts.” Put simply, the goal of the summit is to figure out how to reform the world’s economies with sustainability in mind. Moving the economy in a “greener” direction involves considering how to make less of an environmental impact; fewer fossil fuel emissions, energy efficiency strategies and reducing our reliance on factory farming.

Biden On Creating Green Infrastructure

Biden then mentions the need to reform the American economy by investing in American infrastructure and initiatives aimed at addressing climate change. Addressing climate change, according to Biden, is an extraordinary opportunity for creating new jobs in America. Creating new jobs for Americans will be key for phasing out preexisting, unsustainable markets and empowering newer ones. Establishing a green economy has quickly become a commonplace promise suggested by the Biden administration; the Clean Energy Revolution, as its been called, is indeed an ambitious promise.

biden leaders summit on climate

The Biden Administration has posited a proposal which is aimed at investing in America’s Clean Energy Revolution, creating jobs and incentivizing eco-friendly innovations in energy and agriculture. Biden’s Plan remains unapproved and is estimated to cost $1.7 trillion in clean energy and environmental infrastructure.

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