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What Are Ecosystem Services?

There are four categories of ecosystem services, each of them refers to a unique type of benefit provided by habitats and natural environments. Continue reading

converted monoculture plot

Is Indigo Farming A Nature-Based Solutions?

Improving plant health makes a difference in the nutrients and carbon that plants are able to absorb. Indigo farming enriches soil and vegetation health, thereby increasing crop yields. Continue reading

coastal city, grass and trees

COP26: Helping the Least Developed Countries Adapt

World leaders participating in COP26 have a broad range of policies that require their attention, especially the concerns of developing countries. Continue reading

COP26 Glasgow 01-12 Nov 2021

What Is COP26 & What Does It Have To Do With Developing Nations?

COP26 is the latest climate change summit hosted by international world leaders. This year’s conference will have to address the frustrations of developed nation’s… Continue reading


clear sky horizon with clouds and trees

How Indigo Agriculture Can Enhance Greenhouse Gas Absorption

Indigo Agriculture could improve ecosystems’ potential to absorb greenhouse gases while also making these environments more resilient to climate change. Continue reading

Ecological Population Growth

In ecology, a population is a group of individual organisms belonging to the same single species which inhabit a specific area… Continue Reading

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