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  • “Climate Change Impacts on Seabirds and Marine Mammals” Review

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“The Fundamental Links Between Climate Change and Marine Plastic Pollution” Review

An interesting review describes the interactive relationship between climate change and marine plastic pollution… Continue reading

“Modelling Physiological Costs To Assess Impacts Of Climate Change On Amphibians In Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A” Review

Changes in weather and vegetation cover brought on by climate change may make moving across the stretches of land that surround wetlands more costly for some amphibian species… Continue reading

“The Importance of Indirect Effects of Climate Change Adaptations On Alpine and Pre-Alpine Freshwater Systems” Review

freshwater systems in alpine and pre-alpine regions may be disproportionately at risk due to agriculture and hydropower plants…. Continue reading

“Another Record: Ocean Warming Continues Through 2021 Despite La Niña Conditions” Review

 Ocean waters have been consistently increasing in temperature since the year 1958… Continue reading


Ecology of Fungi

gang of mushrooms growing from soil

 Fungi have crucial ecological roles in transporting nutrients through underground fungal hyphae networks, decomposing dead biomass material and serving as food for some mammals, including us humans… Continue reading

Ecological Population Growth

A population is a group of individual organisms belonging to the same species which inhabit a specific area… Continue reading

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